February 15

treading lightly, my clamped boots
snow crunches beneath my thirsty soul.
orange juice pulp radiates through the shimmering green pines
lining my way with majestic straightness. The path sloshes
left, right and skids slick where the beaming warmth
peeks through the ice blue– spotted, brown cattails poke
around the chiseled pond, all hail to
the chief! wooden planks click clack the
way through the red triangle trail of winter.
Lungs alive, heavy deep breaths– heaving
puffs of warm spirit floating
and fighting the brisk tidal waving silence.


Feeling the age of

Gummed up works and

Crackling, creaking squeaking

Nuts and bolts, joints slow

Brain oozing sludge,

verbs,adjectives, nouns and

Commas dissecting erroneously

vomiting Nonsense

(As usual)



Leaden eyes

Struggle flutter wide awake,sigh

Cracking bones

Stiffen’ to attention, groan

Smokey brain

Stymied broken synaptics,yawn

Mind percolating

First sip warming the soul,smile

Good morning